Activities at Sentema farm lodge

Things to do from the lodge

Sentema Farm Lodge offers an excellent range of activities within our farm, our community and other parts of the country.

Shoebill Excursion

Shoebill Excursion

The shoebill excursion is an activity that happens at Mabamba swamp on the southern shores of Lake Victoria, 25km from Mpigi district. The experience happens through an extensive 2,424-hectare wetland system which is navigated through the use of boats across different channels. Some of these channels include Kadozi and Mayanja.

As you navigate through the waters and green of these channels, you will be led to over 300 bird species and other wildlife that complement the beauty of nature. Some of the common bird species include the shoebill, papyrus gonolek, blue swallow, Grey-capped warbler, purple heron, African jacana and the long-tailed lapwing among others. The shoebill is the most exceptional of all these bird species and will fascinate you with its history, behavior and looks. The usually solitary shoebill lays 1-3 eggs and does so every after 5 years. You will spend some time observing it and taking photos. You might have a chance seeing it feeding on the lungfish, mud fish and frogs among other food options.

Other activities in the area include fishing, which is carried out by the local people. Sitatunga’s are common in the area in addition to some rare plant species like the sand boxes and sights of the water lilies.


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Kampala City Tour

You can explore the best of Kampala through the Kampala city tour, starting right from Sentema farm lodge. Driving through different places and visiting the most important highlights, the city tour offers perfect experiences and memories. You will learn about Kampala, its history and the major activities that take place within the prime political and commercial hub of Uganda.

Kampala is Uganda’s capital city and is built across a spectacle of seven major hills. These hills currently host some of the historical and most iconic sites in the city. Going through them, you will witness the religious, historical and cultural life of the residents. You will visit the Gadaffi mosque, the Mengo palace, the Bahai temple, commercial centers and several markets among other key areas in the city. You will also have an opportunity to interact with the ever-cheerful Ugandans who are very friendly.

The city is a real center for diversity, being home to different cultures and high populations of people. English and Luganda are the two main languages spoken even though the accents tend to differ according to ethnicity. Different cultural festivals are intermittently organised for entertainment and education. You have the possibility to attend if any is ongoing. Be ready to ask questions!

You can also check out the city’s nightlife. Kampala is usually referred to as the city that never sleeps. So be sure to check out lots of places that are active at night. By the end of the experience, you would have lots of stories to tell and memories to recall. Make sure that you do not miss out on the traditional food and other fast foods like the rolex!

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Kampala city tour
Jinja Tours

Rafting on the Nile-Jinja

Rafting on the Nile is an adventure that takes you into the ultimate experience of all water activities on the Nile. Carrying large volumes of water for a distance of 4132 miles, the Nile offers some of the best and finest white water rafting experiences on the planet. The rafting takes place in Jinja town in eastern Uganda and can be done in addition to other adventures within Africa’s capital of water activities.

As you confront the ultimate challenge of the Nile waters and their rapids, you will be accompanied by a professional and experienced crew with which you will conquer the mighty waters tumbling down and up across the Nile length. With the professional rafting equipment, safety boats and experienced kayakers, you will be in the best hands.

The tour offers a variety of options, ranging from half day rafting to full day rafting as well as grade 3 to grade 5 rafting. Half day rafting usually takes 2 and a half hours while full day water rafting occurs for an entire day and enables you to come across very amazing rapids. As you enjoy the water rapids, you have the chance to view the beautiful scenery of the river as you paddle against the waves.

At the end of your rafting experience, there’s usually BBQ awaiting you at the shores of the Nile. You can also check out various activities done by the local people during your time there.

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Great outdoor activities

“Nature breeds curiosity; it helps to grow explorers rather than robots. It reminds us that we are part of something bigger. It grounds us, calms us.”

Ben Palmer

Our swimming pool

Swimming Pool

Take a dip in our breathtaking infinity pool overlooking vegetable garden terraces and far beyond, Cool off here and you’ll easily lose yourself in the calmness of the tropical green gardens.

Mountain biking


Cycle the back roads of sentema village’s interior for a glimpse into the authentic lifestyles and traditional cultures of the local people. Pedal through quiet villages, this half day tour showcases the ‘real’ countryside at every turn.

Bird watching

Bird watching

Take a birdwatching walking tour around the lush countryside of sentema village, our birdwatching trails go a long forests edges, farm land and the swamp alongside river mayanja.